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Dave Downer

Primarily a self-taught guitarist, Dave studied music theory and composition at the College of Music Chatham Row, Dublin, in the early 70's. He played in numerous bands in the Dublin area covering many styles of music from Top 40 to blues, rock and jazz. While gigging mainly Top 40 society gigs of the day, Dave maintained a passion for Chicago Blues and Jazz. Upon moving stateside in the early 80s, guitar playing took a backseat to family and career resulting in a long hiatus from music until recently. He is currently playing with "JazzBlues Connection" and is also busy recording his first solo CD.  Dave's guitar influences range from George Harrison and Wes Montgomery to Pat Martino, with a particular regard for British blues great Peter Green. Early influences were late fifties/early sixties Pop, Rock and Blues with names like Del Shannon, Roy Orbison, The Beatles, The Bluesbreakers and the original Fleetwood Mac. He is also big fan of the phenomenal Dublin jazz guitarist Louis Stewart.  Guitars of choice include a late sixties Gibson ES-175, Eastman Uptown AR805CE, Hofner Jazzica and Carvin SH550. Amps include a Roland Jazz Chorus and a Fender Deluxe Reverb.